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Green means go. Take a chance on a swell fella. Love’s in the stars today. Or, you could try the Magic 8 Ball again, see what it has to say.

The rest of the series is now complete. See more on Etsy. Click here!

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cannot predict now sm.jpg

Sorry, can’t give you a better answer about this guy. It’s all a game of chance. You could always ask again. See more on Etsy. Click here!




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There is lots of nature in Brooklyn: trees, clouds, amazing sunsets, and more stars than you can count in the sky.

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Yes, yes, and yes; all of the above.

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Catch it now, at 15th Street on the F Train. It will be probably be there until an ad is stuck on top of it.

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Random beauty (it’s subjective) is there on the sidewalk when you open your eyes.

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Lately I’m not just taking pictures, I’ve been making prints. This is from a series of 20 giclees based on everyone’s perennial fortune teller, the Magic 8 Ball. You might call this autobiographical, but I assume there are others out there, adults, who sometimes consult the Magic 8 Ball for love advice.
Prints are available on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/brooklynpix
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