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When I travel, there’s always the urge to record images of things unknown to the County of Kings: witness Lays Biscuits & Gravy potato chips. The idea makes me shudder. Are they whitish with small brown chunks on top?


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jackfruit season

You mean, because they’re jackfruits? It’s not the first time I’ve had trouble identifying these things. Their ginormousness threw me off. Get one today to feed your village.

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Looks like a loaf of white bread in a special plastic bag. You’d think that cooks who start from scratch might use fancier bread. But I’m not the one to ask, because I always thought stuffing came in a bag with the words Pepperidge Farm on it.

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just a shirt

The kid’s putting on his shirt in front of the ice cream store. It’s the beach, so I don’t think “no shirt, no shoes, no service” applies. He could be aiming for one out of two, though.

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thinkin pink

Here’s your appetizer. To get one for yourself at the New Floridian, go to Kings Plaza, then drive down Flatbush until you see a restaurant that doesn’t look like a diner, thanks to its modernized facade. Park the car (only a lunatic would take public transportation this far out); you have arrived! Enjoy.

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it's empty now

This is one of those huge grocery stores; Brooklyn has a few of them. What’s important in this picture are the pickles. This weekend is Memorial Day, so there’s going to be a mad rush on picnic supplies starting very soon. You’ve been warned.

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hot dogs, cheese fries, etc.

Nathan’s normal spot, on Surf Avenue by the subway station, is still being reno’ed after the hurricane damage, so this is the Coney Island location for hot dogs and assorted fried food you might be craving. Everyone goes here. This is the first fur-trimmed wrap I’ve seen on the boardwalk, though that is only because there’s no Mermaid event in cold weather.

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