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This big smile is from a subway ad on which people are talking about how they saw something suspicious and reported it to the police. They are happy to be good citizens. The message: we must remain vigilant (even though suspicious objects are innocuous almost 100% of the time). You never know.

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This is so Brooklyn. You want em, take em!

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Hurry and get on down to the Salvation Army on Atlantic Avenue to take a nostalgia road trip on this pink banana bike. Though it’s a little hard to make out, the chain guard’s printed with this beaut’s name: Pink Lady.


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It’s the 12th Day of Christmas, aka Epiphany, aka just another Friday, but TGIF. These plastic figurines are nice and cozy in the living room, just steps away from the basement, where they’ll hang out until next December.

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Let’s get down to the business of dreary January. Can’t prolong the holidays forever. Reindeer, go home!


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Found some warm weather pix on a camera. I especially like the tourist couple in the background looking up at the Norman Foster Hearst building.

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After a couple days of rain, snow, slush, wind, and cold, it’s hard to remember when we last had warm weather. Ever the optimist, I’m thinking The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.

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It's safe to eat, right?

Seen on the floor of the F Train. Everyone was sitting at one end of the subway car because there was a pile of barf at the other end of the train. We were imagining a pleasant peppermint aroma.

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umbrellas are for snow

The weather was crummy – snowy and blowy – mid-afternoon. Maybe not exactly a Wite-Out, but it got me thinking… about the number of people who believe that Bob Dylan’s mother invented the correction fluid.


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jackfruit season

You mean, because they’re jackfruits? It’s not the first time I’ve had trouble identifying these things. Their ginormousness threw me off. Get one today to feed your village.

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