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you're scaring me

The city is going to buy seven acres of land in the heart of Coney Island for $95.6 million from  developer Joseph Sitt of Thor Equities. Thor, which tore down Astroland then put nothing in its place, is seen as the embodiment of evil and greed, so people have high hopes for the city. So far, a temporary amusement park is in the plans. This clown, at Deno’s near the Wonder Wheel, is not involved in the brouhaha. If you’re eager to visit, mark your calendars:  March 10, 2010 is opening day for the park and Coney’s big ferris wheel.

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Clown from 1950’s Coney Island bids adieu, along with the rest of us, to 2008. In 2009, minus Astroland, Coney Island is going to look like a whole different place.

But I don’t want to be a total downer. The start of a New Year is a always beautiful thing, full of promise. And I’ll admit, clowns give me the creeps. Happy New Year!

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