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asking nicely

That little chickadee is looking angry. What the sign is not saying is that if you feed the birds (including the rats with wings), then the real rats are going to come and scavenge the leftovers. That’s why they don’t want you feeding our feathered friends.

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Ah, those greedy scavengers, I love them! Today is the first day spring. Winter was cruel, so there will be some celebrating when the warmer weather arrives. Today I may make like Mary Tyler Moore and toss half my sandwich into the air and watch the birds go mad (yes, even for peanut butter). Next stop: summer!

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birds on antenna

Like a drunk in a midnight choir

I was feeling the need, literally, to lighten things up after the last few nighttime pictures. Birds on wires or other outdoor perches always make me pause. The soundtrack to this moment is Johnny Cash’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire.

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