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Add a few more apartment buildings, pedestrians, bars, and restaurants, and Fourth Avenue might actually become a destination boulevard with fast drivers, not what it presently is, a small highway with crosswalks. Don’t forget that Fourth Ave. dead-ends at the love-it-or-hate-it building of Brooklyn, the Barclays Center. We’ll see what happens.

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This covered walkway at 500 Fourth Avenue is gone, and now they’re re-doing the sidewalk. The walkway was always well-lit, and never scary after dark, but that also meant you could read the obscene graffiti at all hours. I made the photo blurry so you wouldn’t have to.

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by Green-Wood

It was an unusual sunset, being so blue. That’s a city bus going by in the foreground.

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check cashing on left

4th Ave. and 9th Street

Egads! The rain, the humidity … lately it hasn’t been nonstop, but the storms can be as intense as they are annoying.

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Full moon

hazy eve

Thursday night.

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