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choco frosted

There are many, many stores for rent in Borough Park. Some, like this donut/doughnut store stand out because of its quirky style. Mr. Donut favored the chocolate-frosted cake donuts; that’s about all I can tell. Oh, and there was Coke and coffee to wash the inner-tubes down, too.

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what do you want?

It’s nice that the business has a U.N. flag decorating the small parking lot, but it does seem to be helping their popularity.


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This is no ordinary driveway. Look at the painted lines to show parking spaces and wheels on the fence gate and the spare tire. What is going on is that house?

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The bowling alley beckons periodically, especially when you’ve already done every other rainy day activity you can think of. Not too many people had the same idea yesterday, surprisingly.


Maples Lanes has been around since the heyday of American bowling, the 1960’s I’d guess. They have leagues for all ages, a lunch counter, video games, and a bar strategically placed in the middle of the alley. The shortest distance is from one side of the alley to the other is past a draft Bud and some dubious characters sitting at the bar. Stay away from the ones not wearing bowling shoes; they are there for the atmosphere and an old fashioned good time.

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mmmm candy

I like this storefront, because even when the shop is shuttered, the red and white stripes down by the sidewalk scream fun. The Paskesz family, originally from Hungary, has been in the candy business for decades. In addition to the store, there’s a huge warehouse in Brooklyn filled with gummies, pez, cookies, crackers, chocolates, and jelly beans (people really eat those?).

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cellar door

Halloween can be a year-round affair, if you so desire. This mysterious business exudes accidental charm. The building is painted silver, and the overturned chair further lends an air of drama. I’m probably just reading into it, though. Go back on a day when the place is open, and it may be a car repair shop like its neighbors.

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