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the whole street

The “You go girl” graffitti is gone, painted over, but the hole in the side of the F Train bridge over Fourth Avenue remains. For some reason, I thought they’d repaired it, but I was mistaken. I’m glad the MTA has other priorities, as I’m rather fond of the serendipitous view.

view 2

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A boid, out in nature, under a bridge.

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This group traveled a long distance to get to this scrappy park along the Belt Parkway. I personally like the look of the container ship, but in the background of their pictures was the Verrazano Bridge.


looking north

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manhattan bridge

Print this picture, carefully snip it out, and send to an out-of-town friend or acquaintance who thinks the Brooklyn Bridge is the only above-ground link between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Manhattan Bridge, a suspension bridge that crosses the East River and connects Canal Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension, opened to traffic in 1909. The bridge has four auto lanes, split between two levels, four subway tracks, and paths for pedestrians and bike riders.

I thought I’d found a place for Manhattan Bridge enthusiasts to gather, but it turns out the Manhattan Bridge Club is more concerned with cards than bridges.

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viewing hole

The Fourth Avenue subway stop on the F Train sits on a bridge over the roadway. Long ago, a hole got punched in its metal side, providing a view of traffic looking south. It’s an interesting spot to take pictures, sort of like a big, jagged pinhole lens.


Recently the pink graffiti appeared. On the tan paint, in fainter blue pen, it says, “See the world.” Or maybe the Verrazano on a clear day?

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