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Movies used to have amnesiacs all the time. In case you never saw one, what happens is, a person loses his or her memory, there’s pain and trouble, then memory is regained, with difficulty. This neon sign would be a perfect memory aid for someone just waking up, I though, assuming they were from the County of Kings.

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this ____ is for you

Pacifico Claro is in the InBev family, along with Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Bass, and others. Though Pacifico has its champions, others find it lacking it flavor. The brew was started by German immigrants in Mexico around 1900 but remains relatively unknown in New York City.

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Found some air conditioning on a hot day, then the hunger kicked in; needed a beer to wash it down, then stayed to watch the Mets lose. The Park Slope Ale House was a pleasant place to be – food and beer were good, and the sole stroller occupant was on good behavior. (Bob Ojeda’s doing the post-game on the TV.)

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