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If you’ve got a boatload of money and want to live on busy Fourth Avenue, come and have a look. The door to get in to the condo open house is around the corner from here.

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Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street

There are a couple good side-effects to the recession. Construction of cheesy apartment buildings on Fourth Avenue has stalled (though several are nearing completion); empty lots like this one are plentiful now. It would be nice to see something green, as opposed to glass, steel, or brick, growing here, but plain old dirt doesn’t look too bad, either.

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The construction at 333 Carroll Street has looked like this for years. No one, including the developers, can say when the condos on top of this former factory might be completed. The building had been a Robert Scarano project until a stop work order was issued in the spring of 2008 after he inaccurately claimed that it was zoned for extra floors. (There’s a reason he is known as “Mr. Mezzanine.”) Work has yet to resume, and Carroll Street neighbors seethe as the eyesore dominates their view.

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