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Weekends are a good time for roadwork in areas heavily trafficked Monday through Friday. On this street there was such a cloud of gray dust from broken-up pavement we had to beat a retreat down to the subway.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park is slowly taking shape. A new segment adjacent to Fulton Ferry Landing opened a week ago. Here, you can see what they are working on; eventually the park will stretch all the way down to the multi-storied rectangular building to the right of the picture.

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I’m not sure when they are going to Manhattanize the old newsstands and make them architecturally uniform (clean and modern).

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They are probably tasty, but I’m not ready to shell out this much for tomatoes. I have real, non-vegetable, heirlooms that are not this valuable, per pound or otherwise.

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view from the ferry

Brooklyn looks low and humble from the ferry terminal at Governors Island. One Brooklyn Bridge Park, the behemoth gray industrial building turned condo, dominates the view (off-center, to the right). Eventually, a multi-acre park is supposed to cover the waterfront area between Brooklyn Bridge and these condos. It will be grand; but for now we have to exercise patience. Completion is years away.

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Dig the wall decals.

Cold weather means lingering in restaurants, like this gigantic diner, the Park Plaza, at Cadman Plaza on Court Street, Brooklyn Heights. For each of the hundred of seats, there is a matching pastry or sweet. Everywhere you look there is a case lined with cakes, muffins, cookies, cheesecakes, and danish. They even have petit fours! Pies, brownies, and dozens more.

french friesI like to look at the treats, but they don’t entice. My favorite is a waffle; when salt calls my name, french fries and ketchup do just fine.

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