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It’s surprising, but when you look at this sign, it’s still not clear where the palm reader is. I think they mean 2nd floor.


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Earlier this week, a professional sign painter was making art. Here, an amateur paints a sign on a wall. It’s charming because it’s functional and totally without pretention. The N’s appear to be about to stage a getaway.

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This is just too much! They expect us to be able to read backwards in order to shop here?

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Something else to do today. Twice.

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hold still

Armando, with his pince-nez glasses and moustache in place and measuring tape around his neck, gracefully stitches up the lady’s dress without missing a beat. They mean it when they say all work is done on the premises, including taking the client for a spin.

on Smith St.

I like how the sign mixes up the styles. There’s the old fashioned (Armando and the illustration), then the graphics fast forward a couple decades with the rounded font of Tailors and Dry Cleaning.

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