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Let’s get down to the business of dreary January. Can’t prolong the holidays forever. Reindeer, go home!


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There is lots of nature in Brooklyn: trees, clouds, amazing sunsets, and more stars than you can count in the sky.

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When I travel, there’s always the urge to record images of things unknown to the County of Kings: witness Lays Biscuits & Gravy potato chips. The idea makes me shudder. Are they whitish with small brown chunks on top?

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Yes, yes, and yes; all of the above.

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Found some warm weather pix on a camera. I especially like the tourist couple in the background looking up at the Norman Foster Hearst building.

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Catch it now, at 15th Street on the F Train. It will be probably be there until an ad is stuck on top of it.

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Random beauty (it’s subjective) is there on the sidewalk when you open your eyes.

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Lately I’m not just taking pictures, I’ve been making prints. This is from a series of 20 giclees based on everyone’s perennial fortune teller, the Magic 8 Ball. You might call this autobiographical, but I assume there are others out there, adults, who sometimes consult the Magic 8 Ball for love advice.
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After a couple days of rain, snow, slush, wind, and cold, it’s hard to remember when we last had warm weather. Ever the optimist, I’m thinking The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.

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It's safe to eat, right?

Seen on the floor of the F Train. Everyone was sitting at one end of the subway car because there was a pile of barf at the other end of the train. We were imagining a pleasant peppermint aroma.

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