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The southern end of Cadman Plaza in downtown Brooklyn always looks gray. The area in front of the Supreme Court building was renamed Columbus Park in 1971, for no apparent reason, and the life-size marble statue made by Emma Stebbins in the 1860’s was installed. Could be the parks department had the statue, which came to Brooklyn via Chinatown, Manhattan, and needed a proper, respectful setting for it.

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Dig the wall decals.

Cold weather means lingering in restaurants, like this gigantic diner, the Park Plaza, at Cadman Plaza on Court Street, Brooklyn Heights. For each of the hundred of seats, there is a matching pastry or sweet. Everywhere you look there is a case lined with cakes, muffins, cookies, cheesecakes, and danish. They even have petit fours! Pies, brownies, and dozens more.

french friesI like to look at the treats, but they don’t entice. My favorite is a waffle; when salt calls my name, french fries and ketchup do just fine.

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