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here, kitty

She’s gray and looks like a pen and ink drawing. This shouldn’t be an impediment to finding her. The sign tells us what we need to know:  a friendly gray cat with green eyes and white face and paws has wandered off. And a piece of her left ear is gone. I think Millie’s had some adventures before this one. Time to go home, girl.

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m e o w w

Do aliens have pets? Do they look like their owners? I’d bet yes, since we already attribute so many human qualities to extraterrestrials, especially the ones called “grays.”

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Pucker up

yeah, baby

This cat is ready. And he’s got nothing better to do today than sit on the couch and wait for Valentines, chocolate, and kisses. Mwah!

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This big cat


This fine tabby was rescued from the streets of Red Hook.

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