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Budweiser and Corona are soon to be owned by the same company. Does anyone in Mexico drink Bud now? What does this mean for the Clydesdales?

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I was in a bodega, and an old guy was paying for beer with these Kennedy half dollars. I asked if I could buy them from him, and he said sure. He got his Buds and I have four “collectible” coins that I’m reluctant to spend which are worth face value, fifty cents each. So who got the better deal?

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summery draft

First visit to Harry Boland: cool crowd, good beer. Second visit: hoary regulars hunkered down at the bar, unkempt man talking to invisible friend at table next to ours. Nice bartender; okay beer. Guys out front having a smoke yelling, “Hey, where are youse going?” Third visit: might happen if Aji, down the block, is closed.

(FYI, Harry Boland was an Irish nationalist of the early 20th century, cohort of Michael Collins. Lives on in some history books; has name plastered on front of numerous pubs worldwide.)

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mmmmmm, beer

305 Third Avenue, between 12th and 13th Streets, is a place of relaxation, kind of like a local 2-stop spa. Start your visit up a few flights, at the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project, where Robbie and Sarah will expertly and affordably address your ailments. Acupuncture is a mysterious thing, so if you’re feeling wobbly and a little off-kilter, I’d recommend a stop at the Draft Barn on the ground floor, maybe a cheese spread appetizer and cool beverage.

The Draft Barn is the Gowanus outpost of a restaurant on Avenue X in Brooklyn. Here, beer rules. There’s a revolving assortment on tap and 200+ bottled brands. The space is nouveau rathskeller; real timber beams suggest ye olde character without the unpleasantness of centuries of smoky, beery funk.

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