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At the Chocolate Room, 269 Court Street, you can get your goodies to go, or sit at a table and eat your chocolates, cake and other desserts washed down with wine or coffee. The front case looks as if it should hold jewelry, and I have an urge to whisper when I walk in the door. It’s a little twee, but chances are, one day I’ll get a chocolate jones and find myself sitting at a table wondering why I hadn’t done so earlier.

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fish sandwish

Have it your way this Lent. But keep in mind that each fish sandwich packs 640 calories and 32 grams of fat, so for five bucks you’ll consume 1280 calories. The tartar sauce adds 180 calories per sandwich, but without it, you’re going to need a big drink to wash it down. Maybe a milkshake and a side of fries. This is depressing. I’m just going to eat a chocolate Easter bunny, it’s healthier.

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Pucker up

yeah, baby

This cat is ready. And he’s got nothing better to do today than sit on the couch and wait for Valentines, chocolate, and kisses. Mwah!

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I think this place sells lotions and potions, but I’m not sure. If I’m going to be the only shopper in a store, I generally stay away, unless it’s a bakery.


The cupcakes at bakery/restaurant Downtown Atlantic taste as good as they look. If you’ve ever had a tiny, dry, and expensive cupcake from the famed Magnolia Bakery, these jumbo babies will restore your faith in cupcakes.

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