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now on tv

May those of you who celebrate have a Happy Holiday, and the rest of youse, cozy up to your screen and enjoy the yule log! It’s been a chilly week and a long, dreary month, so relax and enjoy the day.

Would a buche de noel taste good right about now? This is a day for reminiscing, so I’m thinking of my first buche, which a girl in seventh grade made and brought in to French class hoping for extra credit. The class was happy to have a break from Madame screaming at us for our lousy accents and being bratty American kids. The cake’s taste was pure Duncan Hines, but the log effect was exotique and very pleasing.

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Think enough about holiday stuff and you’ll start to see things. A Brooklyn street becomes a desert with a bright, light glowing in the sky above. You’ll feel compelled to drive toward it, but streetlights, traffic patterns, and gravity will keep you firmly where you are. Modern astronomers and scientists confirm that there might have been a star or planet in the sky above Bethlehem around the time of Jesus’ birth, give or take a year. The people who lived then, believers in omens, took this as a sign of an important event. The rest of the story – it’s open to interpretation.

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ho ho ho

Here’s the caption I came up with. I’m on the fence about it, har dee har. Please feel free to submit a suggestion of your own.

He may be diminutive, but don’t let that fool ya. The little Windsor Terrace Santa man is the one in charge, all the way.

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rudolf the red

Oh, doe-eyed one, what is going on? You can’t answer because there’s a ribbon wrapped around your mouth? Maybe you’re just a regular reindeer, moonlighting for some cash impersonating the most famous of your brethren? The red thing affixed to your snout looks like half of a Silly Putty container. Is there another fellow like you wandering around the city with the other side of the egg strapped to his furry face?

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howdy, santa

I guess I always assumed that the big guy ate pizza. During breaks he shops at the Great Wall Supermarket next door, which some of you may remember as the Fortway movie theater.

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