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one side

NYC pictogram

Just an average corner store. Weather rubbed off the details, but the blue outline on the sign is enough – we instantly know it’s a Greek-motif paper cup. Remnants of long-gone letters spell out Donuts and Sanka. Do people still ask for the fake coffee by name?

The other side of the sign is less subtle. Real aluminum soda cans are embedded in it, but they didn’t stand up well to the elements. The dents in the cans are especially mysterious – were they caused by flying objects?

the other side

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coffee cup

The Greek-style coffee cup is quintessential New York, but with fewer Greek coffee shops and more only coffee shops around, they are not as common as they once were.* This 75-cent specimen came from the Luncheonette, which I wrote about late January, next to the Smith and 9th Street subway station.  Though on the small side, the coffee was pretty good. I’d go back again.

* MOMA sells a ceramic version of this cup. A nice, environmentally correct souvenir, it will bring much pleasure.

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Closing time at a Greenwood Heights bakery. This neighborhood got by for many years without a formal name. It’s downhill from the cemetery but a little too far away from Prospect Park to be called Park Slope. (Some realtors would have us believe that Park Slope extends all the way to Sunset Park.)

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