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I never get tired of the Coffey Street pier and the views. On weekends, there’s a booze boat chugging by every few minutes, all lights, engine, pulsating music. Lady Liberty is a speck in the middle of the picture.

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A fine early evening at the Coffey Street Pier in Red Hook. Days are warm, evenings cool, school is finally out – late June in Brooklyn is looking pretty good. This seagull was even behaving, not begging or stealing food from picnickers or fisherman.

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redhook basin

The big box store is not to blame for the view. In fact, Ikea hasn’t been a horror for the neighborhood. They’ve added park land, benches, and tables where there wasn’t any before. Tugs and other boats chug around just offshore, but the old ship yards lack the photogeneity of the part of Red Hook just around the bend, where Coffey Street Pier is.

another view

This is the best I came up with that day, though it’s a little corny the way the equipment intersects with the sun, as if I’m trying to make a statement. (Really, I’m not.)

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