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25 cents saved

At the cleaners, there’s a reminder that your visit there might have been more fun. If you took the kids, though, you won’t have to tell them no.

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I saw a Toys for Tots donation box and later came across the Nuts 4 Nuts litter on a subway platform. Did the nut people think through the implications of their name? The street nuts smell so good I don’t want to buy them for fear of disappointment. Kind of like movie theater popcorn, which smells better than it tastes.

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Did it fall or was it dropped? If it was summer there would be a rainbow puddle on the sidewalk. Fifty degree weather does not make most of us hanker for a sno-cone. May someone bought it, thinking it was something else, something tasty, then realized it’s only flavored ice shavings in a wax-paper cone, and, disappointed, dashed it to the pavement.

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