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Looks like a perfectly good donut. Who is going to claim it next? A bird, a dog, a kid, or a combination of all of them?

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not yummy

When we came upon a realistic-looking doughnut on the sidewalk, research was required. A poke with the shoe determined that it was not an Entenmann’s chocolate doughnut – the texture was spongy and the shape more oval. It wasn’t food. The Entenmann’s doughnuts have 300 calories and twenty grams of fat, so, if this were in fact the real thing, it would have more like 350 calories.

rich frostedEntenmann’s doughnuts look more like the sidewalk find above than these from the company’s website.

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Canadian style

Tim Hortons

Eleven Tim Hortons have recently taken over Dunkin Donuts outlets in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The doughnut chain founded by a hockey player has 400 stores across the US, 2,800 in Canada. I tried the coffee, found it so-so, but was happy that, unlike Dunkin’s, it wasn’t served in styrofoam. On another visit to Tim’s, the doughnut aficionado with me declared that the sprinkles on the top of a raised doughnut were shockingly chewy. The body of the doughnut, though, was fluffy, fresh, and quite tasty. (I was allowed a small bite.) So far, there’s no clear winner in the battle of Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin Donuts.

the usual

Dunkin Donuts

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court street

Gray and cold, it’s beginning to feel like the sun hasn’t been out in days. The farmers market had about three vendors at a peak hour and few shoppers, not even Brooklyn Bridge tourists who wandered off course. I can’t tell you what produce was available because I was too cold to stop. Just purchased a greasy doughnut for 75 cents. My sidekick and I are working toward sampling the jelly-filled version for one dollar. Our hesitation has nothing to do with price; it’s all about texture. The red-purple jelly might lighten the doughball’s density, but I’m not optimistic.

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