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I sat at the counter, had a cup of joe and a toasted muffin, and made a call while my feet warmed up. During that time, one piece of cheesecake left the case. Customers (@ 5:00 PM) were ordering up soup, dinners, sandwiches, and even pancakes. The diner does a lot of take-out; donuts are conveniently located by the front door.

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As of today, I’m officially tired of holiday decorations on food. All sprinkles taste the same! What color are they going to put on the doughnuts for New Year’s, I wonder?

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one side

NYC pictogram

Just an average corner store. Weather rubbed off the details, but the blue outline on the sign is enough – we instantly know it’s a Greek-motif paper cup. Remnants of long-gone letters spell out Donuts and Sanka. Do people still ask for the fake coffee by name?

The other side of the sign is less subtle. Real aluminum soda cans are embedded in it, but they didn’t stand up well to the elements. The dents in the cans are especially mysterious – were they caused by flying objects?

the other side

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plain n fancy

I stopped by one of my favorite places to take pictures, the Krispy Kreme corner of the On the Run gas station convenience store. (The last picture of this scene I put on the blog in December; I’m practicing restraint.) Today, the trays were put in willy-nilly and have no correlation with the labels. That is no Fudge Iced Kreme Filled! You’ve been warned.

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The gas station store is an anomaly in Brooklyn. Mobil On The Run convenience store on Caton Avenue (catty-corner to the cemetery) has the further distinction of being large and clean, and having the occasional thing you need. (I don’t mean Krispy Kremes.) The store is a great setting for snapshots, too, because the fluorescent lights, so unflattering to human skin all 24 hours a day they shine, make the taquitos, air freshners, and chips, incredibly photogenic. You almost want to buy them.

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