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Yeah, we’re very cool in Brooklyn, as you’ve heard. But when there’s a TV series shooting in a central location, we crowd the sidewalks and wait for a small glimpse of a star or any little bit of entertainment action. (They were filming Homeland and there was nothing to see!)




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they mean it

The police department isn’t saying why there’s no parking on Court Street and in front of the Municipal Building; they don’t have to. I like the personal, handwritten touch: Tow Away, 8 AM.

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be casual

Between Shake Shack and the courthouse entrance, there’s a shortcut. Strings of lights provide atmosphere, and there are tables for outside dining.

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good to go

Don’t believe it when some naysayer claims you can’t find good, fresh fruit tucked in a sidewalk scaffolding anymore.

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The building by Borough Hall is being re-habbed. We’ll have to wait and see what that means. The exterior still looks the same; it’s not easy to update these old office buildings that are found in downtown Brooklyn.

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is that?

Brooklyn has tourists! They are looking at a big metal sidewalk map and the buildings on Court Street. Those of us who live here full-time are not moved by the architecture; we are more concerned with the spring weather. One minute it’s hot, the next it’s chilly.

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It’s a luxury when you can sit, have a coffee, and watch the world walk by.

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