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standard cruiser

Just an average citizen am I, observing the police through the cover of a two bushes. They are parked in front of the gas station convenience store. A place of neither loiterers nor malingerers, the officers are probably just shopping for snacks.

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It’s a slow evening at the local fast food palace. I’m drawn to nighttime landscapes with architecture, especially when no brand names are evident.

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Buy a kid’s meal, get a plastic toy. This Spock is the best of the Star Trek figurines. Bobbleheads, as a genre, are obviously in trouble. I don’t mind Spock’s huge head, but the hand, fingers spread in Vulcan salute, are sausagey and comical. If I was a fan of the franchise, I’d call it disrespectful. (The fast food place uses the same case to display all the kid toys, that’s why Maggie from the Simpsons, a remainder from another promo, is there.)

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fish sandwish

Have it your way this Lent. But keep in mind that each fish sandwich packs 640 calories and 32 grams of fat, so for five bucks you’ll consume 1280 calories. The tartar sauce adds 180 calories per sandwich, but without it, you’re going to need a big drink to wash it down. Maybe a milkshake and a side of fries. This is depressing. I’m just going to eat a chocolate Easter bunny, it’s healthier.

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