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snowy st

A snowy street. Roads are passable, but intersections are a slushy mess. This neighborhood got about 6 inches. The school kids got lucky, because normally they wouldn’t declare a snow day for this amount of snow.

fire call boxAnother police and fire call box, of the old timey variety. The red contrasts nicely with the white snow. The snow has stopped, but the day has a gray feeling.

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This car may be a Pontiac LeMans from the 1970’s, I’m not positive. Nor could I explain why there is a piece of foam under the car’s front tires, or why the fire and police call box is tethered to one-way sign with a few pieces of string. The old-style fire call box is cast iron – in a duel with a bumper, I’d definitely bet against the car. The box’s tilt I’d attribute to gravity and poor masonry; the surrounding sidewalk is crumbly underfoot. But, again, I can’t be sure.

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fire call box

Another fire and police call box that’s had an encounter with a fender. An informal survey has revealed that many of these 1960’s boxes around Brooklyn are in absolutely pristine condition. Given the driving skills of some of our neighbors (sub-par) and the positioning of the fire call boxes on exposed corners, this surprises me. My research will continue.

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