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Hava Bud

Beer and flowers together. Why not? I find the duct tape zigzagging down the window like Frankenstein’s scar sort of interrupts the festiveness of the picture, though.

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pretty flowers

You know it’s August when the black-eyed susans are blooming. They are the state flower of Maryland, FYI. NY’s flower? The rose. Beautiful, varied, thorny; that would be about right for our state.

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Did someone get the lyrics mixed up? It’s RED roses for a BLUE lady. The daisy-like flowers in the back are real, btw. I think this normally conservative fruit and flower store is trying to shake up our expectations with these vibrant colors.

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Take care of your needs elsewhere. No Please or Thank You, just do as you are asked.

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spring flowers

Signs of spring:  those yellow, purple, and white flowers that start appearing in March … crocuses or croci, call them what you will. The cement bunnies had to endure the winter, but they look just right with the flowers.

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jay st subway

The Jay Street subway station is undergoing a major renovation, and it is a BIG mess this weekend. Shuttle buses are running in place of A trains between the station and Utica Avenue, and there are slowdowns because the A and F trains are usings the same inbound track. This flower vendor brought some welcome color to the construction scene.

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Valentine’s Day:  love it, hate it, or go along with it. It doesn’t hurt to do a little planning, no matter what your feelings are. Some florists will assist the extra-organized by selling flowers that will look as good in a month as they do today.

I’m not sure the purpose of the surveillance camera picture in the shop’s window. You hand over the flowers or teddy bear to your honey then set up a spy camera so you can check on his or her reaction a few hours later?

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Tree imitating cloth imitating nature.

What might a bride wear at a woodland wedding?

camoweddress Do you think the flowers are real?camoweddress23

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