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The grocery store put up signs in English in Spanish, warnings against feeding the wildlife and threats of fines and punishment. Yet every day people toss bread on the sidewalk. What really drew me to this scene was the color of the sky, which turned gray-blue for a few minutes yesterday. A couple drops of rain fell and then the sun came out.

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So much Jello

Wow, I guess people eat this. I assumed that since I left Jello behind in childhood, everyone else had, too, even today’s kids, with their sophisticated palates. What do I know? Jello appears to be doing bang-up business, and it’s on sale at the grocery store this week.

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soda crates

On the side of Food Town there’s a Dada-ist assemblage which doubles as a makeshift cellar cover. I like the collision of art and practicality. To me it’s sculpture; to the put-upon store manager, it’s necessity, until repairs can be made.

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