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The neon, like the decor of Yemen Cuisine, on Court Street near Atlantic Avenue, is about as simple as it comes. The only hint of personality comes from the two green words on the front window arching like a pair of eyebrows. There’s no French connection here, either; cuisine simply means food. On the menu are lamb prepared many ways, kidney bean dishes, some kebabs. A couple people on Menupages gave the food a positive review.

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White onions, grown in the USA

My local vegetable store, which is not a fancy place, has started posting the country of origin next to all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumers are considering the implications of where their food comes from – closer to home is better for the environment and perhaps safer.

Onions always remind me of The Tin Drum, Gunter Grass’s novel set in Nazi Germany, which has one of the greatest scenes in modern literature involving onions, or any vegetable. If you liked your onions served up with unforgettable metaphor, pick up this timeless book.

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Tomato products, as far as the eye can see – as a culture we’re mad for them. Our taste has evolved, though. Salsa has been outselling ketchup in the US for several years. With canned tomatoes, the decision to buy one over another comes down to brand familiarity, label appearance, and whether anything is on sale (the store brand is always cheapest, but mediocre).

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fish sandwish

Have it your way this Lent. But keep in mind that each fish sandwich packs 640 calories and 32 grams of fat, so for five bucks you’ll consume 1280 calories. The tartar sauce adds 180 calories per sandwich, but without it, you’re going to need a big drink to wash it down. Maybe a milkshake and a side of fries. This is depressing. I’m just going to eat a chocolate Easter bunny, it’s healthier.

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cafe steinhof

The tables were filled, I had to sit at the bar.

Cheapskates and goulash lovers crowd Cafe Steinhof (at the corner of 7th Avenue and 14th St.) on Monday nights, when the stew is on special for $6. The rest of the time, the Austrian restaurant is a neighborhood favorite because it’s homey and inviting. The food is hearty, but chose wisely (there are vegetarian entrees) and you need not feel like a schnitzel stuffed in your lederhosen after a meal.

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Hill of beans

beans, beans

The NY Times recently expounded on the culinary pleasures of dried beans, so I bought some at the supermarket.

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