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Yeah, but be warned. The Butter Knives are out to get you crumbs.

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This police and fire call box has a lot of character. In other words, it’s ready for a winter coat of new paint. What’s most curious to me is the graffiti doodle on the side; rarely are the two combined.

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m e o w w

Do aliens have pets? Do they look like their owners? I’d bet yes, since we already attribute so many human qualities to extraterrestrials, especially the ones called “grays.”

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Scratchitti on the D Train

Still got Valentine’s Day on my mind, and will until the candy at Duane Reade’s sells out in a few days.

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Moody blue wall

graffiti wall

Graffiti painted over, several times, with blue paint; new graffiti.

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viewing hole

The Fourth Avenue subway stop on the F Train sits on a bridge over the roadway. Long ago, a hole got punched in its metal side, providing a view of traffic looking south. It’s an interesting spot to take pictures, sort of like a big, jagged pinhole lens.


Recently the pink graffiti appeared. On the tan paint, in fainter blue pen, it says, “See the world.” Or maybe the Verrazano on a clear day?

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curb your dog

And help keep New York clean. The plan is working. Sidewalks, streets, and curbs were free of litter.

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