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more rain

January’s almost over, and what is there to show for it? Some rain and cold. This guy looks like he’s making a mad dash for the Greenwood Park beer garden, on the right, which is open and winterized. I haven’t been there lately; I like my winter drinking establishments small and cozy or near my TV and pets.

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have a beer

This Christmas tree seller is outside Greenwood Park, the beer garden near the cemetery. (BTW, there’s an enclosed bar in the compound that’s still open.) If you buy a tree now, in three weeks the ornaments and lights will still be hanging, but there will be a pile of needles on the floor under the sad, dried-up tree.

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The rain moved down Seventh Avenue from Park Slope, but tables got pushed under umbrellas and young families mingled with hipsters and others at Greenwood Park. The beer garden seems to be working, and the food’s not bad, either.

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