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the glass makes the beer

They decided Eurotrip didn’t sound right and was sending a confusing message for a restaurant serving stylized Eastern European chow. Now the place is called Korzo. At Fifth Avenue and 20th Street, it’s off doing its own thing, in the neighborhood called Greenwood by some (a.k.a., Park Slope Really South or Sunset Park North?).  I hope Korzo finds its audience; this area needs more restaurants and hang-outs.

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Closing time at a Greenwood Heights bakery. This neighborhood got by for many years without a formal name. It’s downhill from the cemetery but a little too far away from Prospect Park to be called Park Slope. (Some realtors would have us believe that Park Slope extends all the way to Sunset Park.)

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A grave-top statue at Green-Wood Cemetery. Founded in 1938, Green-Wood, covering 478 acres, is the resting place of approximately 700,000, including Leonard Bernstein, Boss Tweed, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Horace Greeley, Lola Montez, Albert Anastasia, Margaret Sanger, and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Green-Wood’s verdant, landscaped grounds were a popular destination for strolling tourists and picnickers in the mid-1800’s. Prospect Park, more than half a mile away, was constructed several decades later; city planners were starting to understand the importance of park space to urban dwellers.

greenwood buildingIn 2006, Green-Wood Cemetery was declared a national Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior.

Building by the Fort Hamilton Pkwy. entrance.

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