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Went to Prospect Park expecting to see evidence of last night’s revelry. Thought I’d hit pay dirt with a passed out figure near a ball field, but it turned out to be a pile of clothes. This sparkly stuff on the grass was almost all I could find. New Year’s Eve partiers were either super-clean or they celebrated indoors. Here’s to NYC parks and a Happy 2012!

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Happy New Year! At St. Ann’s Warehouse, in Dumbo, they are putting on a marvelous show, Brief Encounter. It’s multi-media and musical, not as serious as the movie and the run has been extended to mid-January. I even liked the magenta curtain; it’s a good photo for New Year’s Day…what will 2010 bring?

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Clown from 1950’s Coney Island bids adieu, along with the rest of us, to 2008. In 2009, minus Astroland, Coney Island is going to look like a whole different place.

But I don’t want to be a total downer. The start of a New Year is a always beautiful thing, full of promise. And I’ll admit, clowns give me the creeps. Happy New Year!

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