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what's that smell? Why can’t we all just get along? Because of the durian. This gigantic, bumpy green fruit invented divisiveness. People who love the fruit call it aromatic and flavorful, while haters liken it to gym socks, paint thinner, and garlic. Mmmm … There is no polite middle ground for Southeast Asia’s “king of fruit.” Some Asian hotels prohibit guests from eating durian in their rooms. On Church Avenue, one store was bursting with durians, but other greengrocers didn’t stock them. The other thing to know about durians in the US is that they are not an inexpensive pleasure. A $10 durrian would be considered inexpensive.

UPDATE:  Commenters Ann and Tog this might be JACKFRUIT, not durian, and after looking at some pictures, I think I’m in agreement. Jackfruit is smoother and probably tastier. After work, I’ll go and do some research, maybe take a picture or two.

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