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hot & flat

Ease onto the Belt Parkway and pretend you’re having an upstate getaway for the long weekend. This doesn’t look that different from dozens of less urban highways along the East Coast. Well, maybe the shoulders are a little scruffier and the buildings in the distance are taller, but you get the idea.

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I wanted the traffic on the BQE to slow down so I could get a better picture of this church steeple undergoing repairs. An overcaffeinated person with a ball of wire channeled Gaudi, tossed in a hint of Kyoto, and made something nice to look at from the highway.

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Sailor’s delight. View from Loew’s parking lot.

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snowy roadway

DOT decently called off Friday alternate side parking yesterday.

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belt pkwy at 68th st

More traffic cam for today. Notice the juxtaposition of lovely sunset and urban roadway. Traffic is very light for four in the afternoon, I observe.

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