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The “DANGER Hard Hat Area” sign might be there because of the scaffolding and construction above. Or is it because of all the fast food sold inside this store?

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Reasons to be suspicious:  1) it’s too cheap – 99 cents for 6 ounces of meat; 2) you wouldn’t know what the olive loaf was unless you read the package (upper left corner). All the olive loaf has are a few flecks of red. Since when did cocktail olives become so precious?

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to do: wash windshield

Somewhere in suburbia, not so many summers ago, I lost a flipflop to the floor of a 7-Eleven near the Slurpee machines. As far as I know, it’s still glued there. The incident ruined, finally, my already bad relationship with the convenience store. Here in the metropolis, shouldn’t we support our neighborhood mom & pop purveyors of junk food? Isn’t that what they mean when they say “buy local”?

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