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Two days before St. Patrick’s Day, and the wee men call leprechauns are still mending shoes. (That’s what they do when they are not up to mischief.) Celebrations could be rather spirited this year, with the 17th falling on a Saturday and warm weather predicted.

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little big man

Who would suspect that a yard leprechaun was even familiar with Burt Reynolds’ Playgirl centerfold? The magazine is no longer around (though Burt is), but this little cement man with the fancy paint job should last for another century.

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Three shamrocks adorn Borough Hall. As I ponder the meaning of this, I admire the ionic columns of the Greek revival landmark. The building was completed in 1849 and served as Brooklyn’s city hall until 1898, when the borough was annexed to the City of New York. St. Patrick’s decorations did not occur for many decades, we can be sure. Next year I’d favor cut-outs of leprechauns and pots of gold, though the decision makers might think a simple shamrock is more tasteful.

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