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When the vehicle gets malodorous, get another Little Tree, then the first week in January, plop the whole mess by the curb and start all over again. There must be 7-8 Black Ice air freshners here, and more were nearby. (This is a color picture, by the way.)

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little stinky trees

Were the fresh mornings Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, or maybe Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? They were tossed out of a car, so all we can assume is that those optimistic AM’s came and went. My favorite Air Freshner scent is probably Black Ice. Like Morning Fresh, it’s rather ephemeral, difficult to put into words, yet so pungent you’ll cough when you open the package.

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mmm fresh air

I like everything about Little Trees except their smell. It would be nice if they made an unscented one. If you really want to freshen the air while you drive, put a small potted tree or plant in your backseat. It’s natural, chemical-free, and friendlier to talk at than a piece of stinky cardboard draped over the rearview mirror.

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