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coffee cup

The Greek-style coffee cup is quintessential New York, but with fewer Greek coffee shops and more only coffee shops around, they are not as common as they once were.* This 75-cent specimen came from the Luncheonette, which I wrote about late January, next to the Smith and 9th Street subway station.  Though on the small side, the coffee was pretty good. I’d go back again.

* MOMA sells a ceramic version of this cup. A nice, environmentally correct souvenir, it will bring much pleasure.

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Last chance for food before entering the Smith & 9th Street station on the F and G lines. Built in 1933, the stop had to accommodate tall masted ships passing underneath on the Gowanus Canal. At 91 feet above the street, it remains the highest elevated stop in the NYC subway system. That’s a lot of escalators – you can easily finish a Luncheonette sandwich on the ride up.

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