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ye olde memorabilia

The peculiar smell of the bar at Maple Lanes Bowling Alley bar might be as old as the memorabilia, but arguably adds to the nostalgic feeling. The decorations lean toward baseball (before those bums went west), and are dominated by the logo man from Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park, but what catches my eye is the DeKalb winged corn sign.

It’s from a midwest seed company, relevant to Brooklyn because its name is from the same DeKalb of our local avenue and subway. (See earlier blog posting.) The Revolutionary War mercenary’s name is spread mysteriously thin across the US. Who would expect a link between DeKalb seed (purveyors of genetically modified products) and a windowless bar in the middle of Brooklyn?

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The bowling alley beckons periodically, especially when you’ve already done every other rainy day activity you can think of. Not too many people had the same idea yesterday, surprisingly.


Maples Lanes has been around since the heyday of American bowling, the 1960’s I’d guess. They have leagues for all ages, a lunch counter, video games, and a bar strategically placed in the middle of the alley. The shortest distance is from one side of the alley to the other is past a draft Bud and some dubious characters sitting at the bar. Stay away from the ones not wearing bowling shoes; they are there for the atmosphere and an old fashioned good time.

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