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let's go yankees

According to some baseball fans in Brooklyn, there is only one team to cheer for, the Mets. They’ll cheer for any team playing against the Yankees. Get over it, already, I sez! Let go of your bitterness … and let’s go Yankees!

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2 greats

Next to Keyspan Park, the Cyclones’ stadium, there’s a statue of PeeWee Reese and Jackie Robinson. In 1947, Jackie Robinson was the first black player to join a major league baseball team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. Story goes that teammate Reese put his arm around Robinson’s shoulder when an opposing team taunted him. Unlike some of their teammates, Reese remained supportive of Robinson during their time together as Dodgers.

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Brooklyns Famous Car Wash

car wash

Across from GreenWood Cemetery & Burger King, at Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.

They say they’re famous, and I’ll take their word for it. Using team-color blue and the paintbrush lettering of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the car wash declares itself part of local history. This font means Brooklyn, now and forever, even though the bums left town 50 years ago. Brooklyns Famous Car Wash has the requisite attitude, too. Don’t ask about missing apostrophes.

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