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How would you like your nativity scene? With or without the snow? This picture was taken last week – the worn astroturf is certainly humble. Contrast this with a shot of last year’s nativity, where the Christ Child’s gone missing under a blanket of snow.

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Court Street, Downtown Brooklyn. The participants seem appalled by the weather and the snow-filled manger.

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nativity scene

I went to Dyker Heights so that you wouldn’t have to. Wanted to check out the latest trends in holiday decoration, and observed few. You see more strands of all-red lights than ever, but their popularity doesn’t begin to compare to the year that everyone had icicle lights, or the years when multi-color bulbs went passe, and all-white, then all-blue, lights were the thing.

This old-school nativity sits serenely on a corner lot, the plastic figures holding up well, in all senses.

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