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This big smile is from a subway ad on which people are talking about how they saw something suspicious and reported it to the police. They are happy to be good citizens. The message: we must remain vigilant (even though suspicious objects are innocuous almost 100% of the time). You never know.


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Catch it now, at 15th Street on the F Train. It will be probably be there until an ad is stuck on top of it.

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It's safe to eat, right?

Seen on the floor of the F Train. Everyone was sitting at one end of the subway car because there was a pile of barf at the other end of the train. We were imagining a pleasant peppermint aroma.

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It’s a sensory overload, across the street from the new Smith & 9th subway station. The re-done building is like our local Bilbao, so it’s only appropriate that red, white, and blue foil banners are among the complementary shiny visual distractions nearby.

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I haven’t tried out the escalator yet, but how often do you get to stand on a brand new subway platform? It’s a rare and special thing:  the Smith & Ninth Street station reopened today after  extensive renovations. Three-second rules for dropped food don’t apply, that’s how fresh and clean this station is!

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NYC buses tend toward extremes: either fairly fast or slower than walking. This ride, a quick one, was curious for the one guy’s hair. I didn’t know people still put shapes on their scalps, other than at World Series time.

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Heading into Fourth Avenue from Carroll Street, I was standing at the door of the F Train taking pictures, killing time because I didn’t have a seat. Trackwork goes on, and Smith & Ninth is still closed. The light was nice, though. The reflection of the interior subway light looks like a contrail.

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