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South Park Slope has officially arrived. The giveaway is not the new constructions or the bars or restaurants, but the cars that circle in the evening looking for parking spots.

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Are you like me – does this sticker-bombed ride-on horse remind you that the Kentucky Derby is less than a month away? It’s too early to talk favorites, but for 50 cents this trotter will take you halfway around the track with a musical accompaniment.

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A ground-floor apartment, Fifth Avenue, somewhere in Park Slope South.

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tunnel vision

The footbridge connecting Eighth Avenue with 20th Street over the Prospect Expressway has an unusual caged-in structure. Though the bridge doesn’t get much usage, the cars below must need protection from people who have an urge to fling things onto traffic.

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20th st. view

This corner of Green-Wood Cemetery, where 20th Street meets Seventh Avenue, undulates every which way. The hill rises steeply from the street; all in all, it’s an unkind environment for headstones.

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one side

NYC pictogram

Just an average corner store. Weather rubbed off the details, but the blue outline on the sign is enough – we instantly know it’s a Greek-motif paper cup. Remnants of long-gone letters spell out Donuts and Sanka. Do people still ask for the fake coffee by name?

The other side of the sign is less subtle. Real aluminum soda cans are embedded in it, but they didn’t stand up well to the elements. The dents in the cans are especially mysterious – were they caused by flying objects?

the other side

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draft, please

5th Ave. near 18th Street

Ellis Bar tries my nerves. Even a cool mug of beer didn’t help entirely. The first visit, it was little kids running around while their parents sat in the corner and ignored them, and the second time, it was the music. The bartender saw the place wasn’t crowded, and put on her loud, metallic favorites. I get the message; there are other places in the neighborhood.

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the glass makes the beer

They decided Eurotrip didn’t sound right and was sending a confusing message for a restaurant serving stylized Eastern European chow. Now the place is called Korzo. At Fifth Avenue and 20th Street, it’s off doing its own thing, in the neighborhood called Greenwood by some (a.k.a., Park Slope Really South or Sunset Park North?).  I hope Korzo finds its audience; this area needs more restaurants and hang-outs.

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