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It’s surprising, but when you look at this sign, it’s still not clear where the palm reader is. I think they mean 2nd floor.


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Let’s get down to the business of dreary January. Can’t prolong the holidays forever. Reindeer, go home!


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Yes, yes, and yes; all of the above.

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Give them a scratch and sniff. I’m fairly sure there would be no pumpkin spice were it not for these babies.

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grand old flag

It would be even more patriotic if she were drinking beer rather than coffee. The 4th this year seemed like an excuse for skimpy clothing more than usual, do you think?

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have sandwich

Yesterday was a washout, literally. Today is already nicer, though there are going to be big puddles and muddy patches. If you’re craving street food this cart is parked between Barnes & Noble and Methodist Hospital. There’s usually a Mr. Softee waiting for people when they walk out the door of the emergency room.

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Movies used to have amnesiacs all the time. In case you never saw one, what happens is, a person loses his or her memory, there’s pain and trouble, then memory is regained, with difficulty. This neon sign would be a perfect memory aid for someone just waking up, I though, assuming they were from the County of Kings.

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