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one panel

This sculpture, made of three painted plywood panels, sits where Parkside meets Ocean Avenue, at one corner of Prospect Park. (The park, being an irregular shape, has more than four corners.) The paintings show historic Brooklyn through a combination of portraits, architecture, storefronts, and signage. This one is of downtown Brooklyn and the Fulton Street shopping area.

the bigger viewThough it’s nothing more than rumor, I still like to think that E.J. Korvette’s got its name from Eight Jewish Korean War Veterans. The discount department store chain began to decline in the mid-1960’s, was eventually sold to a French corporation, and breathed its last breath in 1980. Though Junior’s remains at the corner of Flatbush, the Fulton Street landscape is now dominated by sneaker, phone, and low-budget clothing stores.

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asking nicely

That little chickadee is looking angry. What the sign is not saying is that if you feed the birds (including the rats with wings), then the real rats are going to come and scavenge the leftovers. That’s why they don’t want you feeding our feathered friends.

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