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rooftop parking

Steady afternoon rain and no subways

This picture was taken from the bus running nonstop from Jay Street to Church Avenue. The ride wasn’t too bad, except for delays caused by roadwork on the highway. After this weekend, the trains are supposed to run on a normal weekend schedule. The gray view included a gigantic cruise ship docked in Red Hook (it was past by the time my camera was out) and the tops of Home Depot and Jetro.

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at the beach

The afternoon was hazy at Manhattan Beach. When thunder boomed and lightning was visible offshore, the lifeguards waved everyone in. The storm moved quickly. It’s sort of funny to see bathing suit-clad people running in the pouring rain, trying to find a dry place to take cover.

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check cashing on left

4th Ave. and 9th Street

Egads! The rain, the humidity … lately it hasn’t been nonstop, but the storms can be as intense as they are annoying.

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Pink tree

squint to see

Rain, rain, enough already!

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tree in bloom

Brooklyn’s in bloom and looking great, even in the drizzle. I think this is a pear tree. No telling where the rest of the umbrella ended up – probably stomped to death on the sidewalk following a malfunction.

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prospect park

Around the lake in Prospect Park

The day was gorgeous to the nth degree. And I’m not saying that just because it’s rainy and dreary today.

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riding shotgun

It seems like it’s been raining a lot lately, but the weather reporters say we should have had five more inches of precipitation by this time of year.

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