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So elegant and MEAN, those lovely birds. Out in Sheepshead Bay there are dozens of swans swimming around and waiting for handouts from humans. They are a safe distance away, so territorial skirmishes with people seem unlikely. No need for anyone to experience the cruel beauty of nature.

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who's the boss

One day, the lobsters and the clams went to war. The loser would be served at the restaurant and a likeness of the winner would be displayed on the sign. Randazzo was the referee. You can see how things turned out. It is far easier for a lobster than a clam to strike a victorious pose, but this did not influence the outcome of the battle.

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Watchin the game

Emmons Avenue

Take a Greek diner, reference a Greek painter of the Spanish Renaissance, work in a palate and paintbrush motif, and you’ve got a classy diner, sort of. What really distinguishes this restaurant are a large outdoor terrace, and the number of TV’s. It’s a new genre, the sports diner.

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here, swans

The swans of Sheepshead Bay have to put up with murky water and trash floating nearby. For entertainment they beg. As soon as someone stands overlooking the water, six swans swim over and wait for treats. After a minute or so, if nothing is forthcoming, they are off. If you want to have a close look at these beautiful birds, you have to pay.

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