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chalk drawing

And now this sidewalk creation is gone, wiped away by recent weather. The gray of the pavement matches the conditions outdoors. It’s another sodden day, good for staying in and reading or watching movies.

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Did it fall or was it dropped? If it was summer there would be a rainbow puddle on the sidewalk. Fifty degree weather does not make most of us hanker for a sno-cone. May someone bought it, thinking it was something else, something tasty, then realized it’s only flavored ice shavings in a wax-paper cone, and, disappointed, dashed it to the pavement.

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not yummy

When we came upon a realistic-looking doughnut on the sidewalk, research was required. A poke with the shoe determined that it was not an Entenmann’s chocolate doughnut – the texture was spongy and the shape more oval. It wasn’t food. The Entenmann’s doughnuts have 300 calories and twenty grams of fat, so, if this were in fact the real thing, it would have more like 350 calories.

rich frostedEntenmann’s doughnuts look more like the sidewalk find above than these from the company’s website.

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stay off!

It’s rare to see a square of sidewalk that bears the marks of so many. I count two dogs and about four human footprints. Usually, there’s a flimsy barrier set up around setting cement, and a guy sitting on an upturned bucket who appears to be dozing until you get within half a foot of the precious drying  sidewalk.

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sidewalk treasure

Another sidewalk treasure. I’d rather take a picture than bring something home and realize I’d picked up a purposeless, space-occupying object. Bright colors and the homemade factor make it almost irresistable, but not quite.

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Take care of your needs elsewhere. No Please or Thank You, just do as you are asked.

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what a card

By all means, say something. A single playing card was seen on the sidewalk, either missing its 51 friends or planning an escape. The jack of clubs is about the lowliest of the face cards, on par with the jack of spades, neither significant in popular card games nor culture (like the jack of hearts). Also known as the knave, servant of royalty, the jack, like this one, has its roots in France, where the face cards were associated with historical or mythological characters. The jack of clubs is Lancelot, from Arthurian legend.

(The black spots on the sidewalk, in case you don’t know, are the remains of chewing gum.)

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This car may be a Pontiac LeMans from the 1970’s, I’m not positive. Nor could I explain why there is a piece of foam under the car’s front tires, or why the fire and police call box is tethered to one-way sign with a few pieces of string. The old-style fire call box is cast iron – in a duel with a bumper, I’d definitely bet against the car. The box’s tilt I’d attribute to gravity and poor masonry; the surrounding sidewalk is crumbly underfoot. But, again, I can’t be sure.

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