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Yeah, I’d probably be looking at the sign, thinking of all the things it reminded me of, and then back right into it with the car.

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Pulling into the Smith and 9th station on the F and G lines, the Kentile Floors sign is what you see on the right. The factory, at 2nd Avenue and 9th Street, made “super resilient floor tiles” for almost 90 years and closed in 1988 because of asbestos lawsuits and labor issues. The landmark sign went up sometime in the 1940’s; the purple neon was turned off when the business shut down. For a neglected structure, it appears to be in pretty good shape.

kentile adThis ad is from 1959.

I like to think that had I been alive and decorating in the 1950’s, I would have avoided the faux-fancy look and used my Kentile in a more modern way. Except for the zebra rug and maybe the couches, this decor steers clear of any references to the mid-century revolutions in art and design.

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curb your dog

And help keep New York clean. The plan is working. Sidewalks, streets, and curbs were free of litter.

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